​No, we are not New York, so don’t expect New York bagels. But we do have a few options in town for good bagels and sometimes all we need is a good bagel to push through another day in the high desert.

  • Coffee Corral—You’ll find them just outside of Santa Fe in Eldorado at the La Tienda shopping center. The bagels are shipped in from NYC and that's a good enough reason to head to Coffee Corral.

  • Iconik Coffee—Grab a bagel with in-house cured lox to go with your cup of joe. 

  • New York Deli—Very popular with locals and always busy with friendly service. 

  • New York on Cantron—The coronavirus pandemic brought on a rebranding for New York Deli. Since reopening in May 2021, this restaurant changed its name to New York on Cantron. They have similar offerings as the New York Deli on the southside.

  • Plantita Vegan Bakery—Bagels are vegan if you don’t add an egg wash and these bagels are both chewy and tasty. But you need to pre-order or stop by the pop-up as this is not a storefront.

  • Ruby K's Bagel Cafe—The consensus for the best bagels will require you to drive to Los Alamos. But it's worth the drive as you will find homemade bagels and cream cheese, fabulous artisan sandwiches, delicious soups and salads, mouth-watering fruit smoothies, as well as cookies and assorted pastries.