There’s plenty of grilled and smoked meats options in Santa Fe. And while it’s not Texas or Memphis barbeque, it’s delicious. These are some of these top spots for smoked meats.

  • Santa Fe BBQ—In the food truck park off Old Santa Fe Trail across from Kaune's is this smokin' option.  Headed by The Meat Men, they serve New Mexican-style barbecue with a zest of spices. 

  • The Ranch House—Situated on the south side of Cerrillos, the Ranch House has developed a reputation for outstanding barbecue. 

  • The Whole Hog—Conveniently located on Guadalupe, The Whole Hog is the go-to spot when you are hankering for a hunk of barbecued meat. With six sauces to choose from, you can add layers of flavor with their sauces. 

  • Uncle DT’s BBQ—Rudy's beware! Located at 3134 Rufina. Former touring musician moved to NM, opened a mom-and-pop restaurant. All natural meats, smoked to perfection.