Breakfast Burritos

​If you are looking for the best grab-and-go breakfast on the run, the burrito is hands down the premier option in Santa Fe. It’s how the cowboys used to eat and it’s how Santa Feans still like to start their day. If it’s not on the go, take some time to enjoy a breakfast burrito at a restaurant and we promise it will be an experience you will never forget.

  • El Chile Toreado—This food truck is a local favorite for breakfast burritos.

  • El Parasol—The El Parasol concept began in 1958 with Pedro and Lorenzo Atencio, ten and twelve years old respectively, selling their mother’s beef tacos and red pork tamales under a patio umbrella on the main street in Espanola. Check out their fascinating history on their website.

  • Horsemen's Haven—Hardcore New Mexican food. The real deal.

  • Sunrise Family Restaurant—Recognized by a local food writer as one of the best burritos in town, we have to trust our friend at The Reporter.

  • The Pantry—The Pantry has been cranking out classic dishes since 1948 and their burrito is a fan favorite. Gluten-free diners can enjoy a burrito in a corn tortilla which is called Tupper’s Burrito.

  • Tia Sophia’s—This classic New Mexican burrito is perfectly executed by Tia Sophia’s. Every time. Order it Christmas style so you get half red sauce and half green sauce. Interesting tidbit—a waitress who worked at Tia Sophia's coined the term "Christmas" in the 1980s. Honestly, locals never say Christmas, but rather "half and half."