Cheap and Convenient Fast Eats

There is a time and place for everything and that also applies to convenient and cheap eats. If you are on the road or on the go, these are a few fan favorites.

  • Allsup’s—For the late-night hunger fix, Allsup’s multiple gas stations offer hot burritos ready to go. This burrito is part garbage and you don’t want to know the ingredients, but it’s deep-fried and hits the spot in the early morning hours on your way home from the bar scene. If you have the midnight munchies, you’re going to love this burrito. Anthony Bourdain might even approve.

  • Blake’s Lotaburger—A local staple, Blake's can hit the spot if you're in the right mood. 

  • El Chile Torreado—This food truck serves up some quality Mexican street tacos.​