Happy Hour

Isn’t it always happy hour in Santa Fe? OK, so maybe not, but there’s plenty of places you can drop into for a gleeful happy hour in the afternoon.

  • Dinner for Two—If you are a group of four, you can still go to Dinner for Two. Held daily from 4 - 6 pm, this is one of the best happy hours in town with plenty of appetizers which are priced at $6-$8. Their cocktail menu is also priced from $5-$8 and treat yourself to the Love Bubble Margarita which is a great showstopper.

  • ​Paloma—You’ll want to order the restaurant's eponymous cocktail, a Paloma. Trust us. And celebrate with appetizers as well. Their guacamole with homemade tortilla chips are a must.

  • The Bell Tower at La Fonda Hotel—Hearing the church bells ring while you sip on your drink of choice is a lovely way to end another fabulous day in Santa Fe.

  • The Cowgirl—Even if it's not happy hour, things are pretty lively at The Cowgirl. Go for the live music, stay for the local frivolities.