Though we might be in the high desert, don't let that thwart your craving for Japanese and authentic sushi when in Santa Fe. We have assorted sushi spots and one authentic Japanese spot that feels like a Zen sanctuary.

  • Izanami—Located at the iconic Ten Thousand Waves, Izanami is an authentic Japanese restaurant that focuses on izakaya fare (small plates), sake, and craft beers and they recently added sushi to their menu.

  • Jesushi—You wouldn't expect to find great sushi at a food truck, but Jesus worked at Kai for a long time and honed his sushi-making skills. The truck is located off Cerrillos by the Eclipse Car Wash, so you can get your car cleaned up while you enjoy quality sushi.

  • Kai Sushi—Next door to Smith's off St. Michael's and Pacheco, Kai offers affordable and excellent sushi.

  • Sushi8—Located on the back end of the mall off the Plaza, Sushi8 overlooks San Francisco Street. Dine-in or take-out, their menu offers the expected classics.