Native American 

In homage to our rich and treasured Native American culture—and New Mexico's first cuisine, we begin this listing of Where the Locals Go with these top five Native American restaurants as featured in New Mexico Magazine. Though Santa Fe is not represented in the top five, we have added a few options in and around Santa Fe. We encourage you to visit one or all of them if you are traveling that way or passing through so you can taste the history of The Land of Enchantment.


  • Tiwa Kitchen—Authentic Pueblo Cuisine. What Makes Tiwa Kitchen & Bakery a Different Taos Restaurant? Everything at Tiwa Kitchen Restaurant & Bakery is homemade with family love! When Ben and Debbie Sandoval began construction of Tiwa Kitchen & Bakery in September 1992, they gathered friends and family and used the ancient tradition of Pueblo adobe making. Then they carefully placed over 3,000 adobes and created a solid structure that will now last hundreds of years. Even the paint on the wall inside the restaurant is traditionally made by hand. Ben and Debbie also bake every morning in hornos (outdoor, domed adobe ovens) they made themselves. 

       328 Veterans Highway, Taos Pueblo, 575-751-1020

  • Indian Pueblo Kitchen—Formerly known as Pueblo Harvest, the Indian Pueblo Kitchen is centered around Indigenous cuisine education and exploration and carries on the tradition of creative, Native American culinary artistry and Pueblo hospitality. Under the inspired leadership of Executive Chef Ray Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo, Odawa), the Indian Pueblo Kitchen offers guests an unforgettable Indigenous dining experience.

       2401 12th St. NW, Albuquerque, 505-843-7270

  • AshKii’s Navajo Grill—At this Farmington spot, you will find authentic Navajo foods like mutton ribs and Navajo fry bread, as well as delicacies like grilled achii (fat wrapped with sheep intestines). Using the traditional blue corn, you will devour the handmade Navajo tortillas.

       123 W. Broadway, Farmington, 505-326-3804​

  • Yaak’a Cafe—Located in the Sky City Cultural Center in the Acoma Pueblo, yaak'a means corn. The restaurant is open from March through October.

       Haaku Road, Acoma Pueblo, 505-552-7871

  • Saya’s Frybread and Indian Tacos | Food Truck—Located in Santa Fe, you will find frybread, Indian tacos, and Frito Pie.

  • Good as Feast | Food Truck—Located in Santa Fe this food truck is not exclusively Native American food but has a diverse menu that includes a few Native American options. The Pueblo taco uses fry bread for the taco and is filled with red chili beans, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cheese.