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Pictured below: Konam Jeep, Panang, Thai Fried Rice, Tom Yum

A friend mentioned Bo’s Authentic Thai food truck to me in passing and then I saw some chatter in the Santa Fe Foodies FB group and decided to give them a try. I am not a Thai food connoisseur, just a mere foodie who loves experiencing new flavours and I really enjoyed everything I sampled.

Bo’s Authentic Thai is a food truck located in the parking lot opposite Kaune’s Market on Old Pecos Trail. Parking is readily available and there are a few tables and chairs for immediate dining. The customer service was excellent with the cashier giving ideas on items to sample and the spice levels of different dishes.

I ordered the Kanom Jeep (Shumai) to have while I waited for my full order of the special Tom Yum soup, Panang Curry and Thai-Styled Fried Rice. The cashier brought me my Kanom Jeep dumplings within 5 minutes after taking my order and they were delicious! Lovely wonton wrappers filled with a mixture of minced pork and shrimp and steamed to perfection. Each dumpling was easily the size of 2 regular Shumai and tasted so freshly made you were able to taste the juiciness of the pork followed by the sweetness of the shrimp in one bite. I could have easily eaten a dozen, and I will not lie, I did order another portion to go.

The special Tom Yum soup came with a caveat that it could not be made mild, and I was concerned but plunged in for a taste. The Tom Yum was fantastic, a perfect balance of tart lemon from the tomato and lemon grass, earthiness from the mushrooms and sweetness from the shrimp with a sharp hit of lime at the end. As for the spice level, have you ever had the spice dance in your mouth? This burning and subtle warming of your tongue and then your lips with the finale of heat hitting your nostrils. It was easily one of the best soups I have ever had, it packed so much flavour and yet was refreshingly light.

Panang curry was a first for me as my general go to is Green Curry but with the echoes of “we never tried that before” in my head from my husband I jumped in and ordered the pork. This is a decadent and luxurious version of Thai curry that is mellow, nutty, and creamy. Bo’s version fills all those boxes and can be summed up as a perfectly balanced coconut curry perfumed with lime leaves. It is filling, rich and honestly is a great wintertime dish.

The finale to my Bo’s experience was the Thai Fried Rice which I ordered with chicken. This dish was quite filling with rice being tossed with egg, chicken pieces and larger cut vegetables like carrots and onion. The flavours in the fried rice were very subtle, it was not soy sauce forward and you could taste each component, the egg, chicken and crunchy sweet vegetables with a pronounced black pepper flavour. Served with the fried rice are cucumber and tomato slices that are surprising great additions as they continue the subtle clean flavour.

I really enjoyed everything I had at Bo’s Authentic, and I plan to go back to try the staple Green Curry and Pad Thai dishes. I believe it maybe a given that Kanom Jeep and the Tom Yum, if it is back as a special are going home with me maybe in large portions. I hope you give Bo’s a try and figure out your favourites and I am pretty sure they will be more than willing to answer any questions or concerns. So go and get “ Thaied up!” LOL


Kari Persad-Hernandez is a Trinidadian transplanted to the US as a traveling spouse and a mom. She is an avid home cook that is consistently honing her cooking skills, recreating meals from her travels, and helping others experience new foodie adventures. She recently embarked on a recipe blog to share her kitchen adventures.