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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Review by Alfred Wasilewski | Santa Fe Foodie Member

Initial review of the new Bobcat Bite. This will be a controversial post, I’m sure. Very strong opinions about the old Bobcat Bite and the new owners. First, I will qualify my expertise. I don’t know the old Bobcat Bite. I wasn’t here when it was open. But I do know a good burger. Many of them have made the trip from my mouth to my stomach. And I have had the burger at Santa Fe Bite and it was very good. Not the best I have ever had, but damned good.

Physical Impression. They have obviously done a lot to spruce up the exterior and the interior. The paved parking lot is not wide enough to handle two rows of cars. You have to do a few K like turns to get out. The interior looks new. Wood countertop in the front room, new wood floors. They had a bunch of staff, all wearing the same Bobcat Bite t-shirts. A few staff standing around doing nothing. The front dining and counter was staffed by what appeared to be high school girls. Everyone was very friendly. Someone greeted you at the door as you walked in. The room was empty. The outdoor seating area was half full with customers. The area was nicely appointed with new brick and landscaping. They also had two raised planting beds The view, of the mountains was very nice. But, unlike the old days, there won’t be any bobcats trolling for handouts. The place has a franchise feel to it, like you would find one of these in Boulder or Austin or Palo Alto.

The food. I ordered the green Chile cheeseburger, vanilla shake and onion rings. Total price $31.07, a hefty amount, to be sure. A family of four could easily drop a C-note for a meal there. This is not your father’s Bobcat Bite. They said it would be 25 minutes for my order, so I was surprised that after about 10 minutes, I was handed a bag of food and my milkshake. I get home to find only onion rings in the bag and no burger or fries. As I live very close, I dashed back to pick up what they forgot. They called to apologize while I was in transit. Back home, I tuck into the half cold onion rings. Very good. Nice batter coating. The burger was still warm, but the fries were barely lukewarm. The burger was acceptable, well dressed with green chiles that were mild, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato and grilled onions. A juicy burger, but not obnoxiously squirty. The meat lacked depth of flavor. If you grind your own meat, you should taste it when you bite into it. The fries were okay, even almost cold. The milk shake had barely any flavor and was thin. My fave shake in this area is from Blake’s on St. Mikes. Blake’s still rules, IMO.

Verdict. The place is okay, not great. Would I go back? Probably not at $17 a pop for burger and fries. Too many other places in Santa Fe where you get a good, tasty meal.

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