Croissants, Croissants, Croissants | Everyone's A Critic

I hope you're all here for the kind of hard-hitting food journalism I'm about to throw down. This town is rich in fantastic bakeries, we know this. I think a French (or French-inspired) bakery's most basic form of currency is the croissant. So we bought one from each of five great bakeries in town to compare. Some points of comparison are objective (price, weight), and some are decidedly subjective. This is not to say that any of these bakeries are not a fantastic choice, but just our opinion from trying all at once.

Our totally subjective ranking following a highly scientific (only because we are scientists) process, from favorite to honorable mention:

  • La tour experience - fantastic open structure, great flake, delicious salted butter flavor with just a hint of sweetness.

  • Clafoutis - a close second! Malty undertones with a buttery flavor and good salt content.

  • Madame Matisse - very tender croissant, great structure again, slightly one-note but delicious nonetheless.

  • Mille - deep caramelized exterior, beautiful open structure, for our taste could use a touch more salt.

  • Dolina - I realize now that this is a totally different pastry. It would make a fantastic sandwich but isn't in the same category as the previous four. Delicious but very different.

So, in conclusion, all croissants were fantastic (you seriously can't go wrong with any of these places), and the Miglioris are full and happy. But seriously, try that croissant from le tour experience, you won't regret it!