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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Review by Jennifer Withrow

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Horno does it again! This is the 7th time we have been at Horno and it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! We arrived for our reservation a few minutes early and we were seated immediately at a table in the room on the right. Horno was very busy but we received water quickly and our server stopped by to say she would be right with us. Our server was friendly, knowledgeable about all the dishes on the menu and the wine list. We ordered a Reserva 2015 Cune Rioja which was $54 a bottle and a very good value.

We started with the Focaccia which was served warm with a nice soft interior and a crusty exterior and a nice side of olive oil and herbs. Our friends had the Tuna Tartar and the Sausage and Mushroom Lasagna. The Tuna Tartar was a beautiful dish and the Tuna was excellent and not "fishy". The tuna combined well with the risotto cake and the anchovy butter added a nice depth to the dish. Not too salty. The Sausage and Mushroom Lasagna was fantastic. The pasta was perfectly cooked and the butternut squash paired perfectly with the rest of the dish.

The entrees we had were the Quail special, the Striped Bass special, the Dumplings and the Grilled Korean BBQ Hanger Steak. Everything was fabulous. The Quail was moist on the inside, perfectly cooked with a nice crispy skin on the outside. The prickly pear reduction was tart and sweet and the prickly pears were provided by one of the food runners at the restaurant - which was a nice touch. The Striped Bass was, excellently prepared with a crispy skin and a nice flaky and moist center. The yellow curry sauce had just the right amount of heat to compliment the Striped Bass. Our friend who had the Dumplings raved over them. The filling of shrimp and pork was flavorful with a bit of heat and the dumpling exterior was soft and tender. The coconut broth had a nice bit acid and was spicy - but not too spicy. The Hanger Steak was cooked a perfect medium rare. The kimchi fried rice was both soft and crunchy with a bit of heat that was perfect. The fermented chili paste added an additional layer of heat and acid.

We ended the evening by sharing the Banana Cream Pie Parfait which was creamy and delicious. The vanilla wafers and banana chips added a nice crunch.

Another note - the prices are extremely reasonable for the high level and quality of the food. A delightful experience from the ambiance, to the service, to the food! The only slight downside is the noise level - it was very loud. We will be back again! We love Horno.

Cover Image: Dumplings Pictured below from left to right 1. Striped Bass Special

2. Quail Special

3. Hanger Steak

4. Carbonara (Not mentioned in review.)

5. Lasagne 6. Tuna Tartare 7. Focaccia 8. Reserva 2015 Cune Rioja 9. Banana Parfait

Jennifer Withrow is a Santa Fe resident and a partner at Scheef & Stone L.L.P specializing in oil and gas matters.