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Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Alfred Wasilewski | Santa Fe Foodie Member

If you didn’t know where El Callejon was located, on Galisteo near the plaza, you would walk by and miss it and that would be a culinary tragedy. Because El Callejon is the best thing to happen to Santa Fe’s coterie of excellent taco trucks and a delicious sit-down dining alternative to carefully negotiating street tacos out of a styrofoam clamshell box without spilling all the good stuff on your lap. El Callejon is a taqueria and that is what you go there for — a delicious assortment of tacos, three to a plate, served with black beans and red and green sauces on the side. Try the lechon (roast pork) tacos, apparently, found nowhere else in town. Delish! I have been to El Callejon six or seven times, which, in and of itself, says it all. I’m not going to a place more than two times if the food sucks.

So, how good are the tacos? There are trucks on the Santa Fe streets with better tacos, condiments and sauces, but El Callejon’s tacos are in the mix. Good flavor, not overly spiced, the right amount of crunchy bits. And you get to sit at a bar with your favorite beverage. Mastercard priceless.

While the tacos are the stars of the menu, the restaurant has other Mexican and non-Mexican dishes that hold up. The mole is very good. The enchiladas are traditional Mexican (rolled rather than stacked). The sandwich selections include burgers and, oddly, a Reuben. You can order three of a kind tacos or mix and match from the following: Asada, al Pastor, fish, shrimp, lechon, Barbacoa, chicken. I like to mix up my taco selection with the combo plate. The restaurant serves beer and wine and agave-based cocktails. The wine pours are generous. The staff is friendly and accommodating.

As you can tell, I love this place. You will too!


Al Wasilewski Santa Fe Foodie member Al Wasilewski is a retired corporate public relations executive with a passion for cooking and dining out.

After retiring from the corporate world, Al redirected his attention to perfecting his kitchen and cooking skills, attended baking school and received certificates in artisanal and sourdough bread baking. He started cooking at a very young age, along side his mother, who was training to be a chef. Mostly self- taught, Al is a student of regional Italian cuisine, but is open to new styles and new cuisines, from Asia to the American Southwest. Al and his family relocated to Santa Fe in 2020, fulfilling a life long dream to live and soak up the rich diverse culture, foods and amazing vistas of the Land of Enchantment. ​ In his spare time, Al plays tennis, cooks for his family and volunteers for the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce’s Bienvenidos Tourist Information booth at the Santa Fe Plaza during the summer.