Pineapple Cobbler-Santa Fe Sips

At the suggestion of a friend, I’m going to start adding some non-alcoholic drinks to the

rotation. It’s nice to offer a non-drinker something besides club soda, juice, or a soft drink when they visit. (It’s also important to make the non-alcoholic drink look as nice as possible.)

This drink was created by Brad Nugent of Porter House Bar & Grill, New York in 2019. It’s a very tasty, sippable, summer refresher. I’d happily drink this any time on a hot day. The tartness of the lime juice works really well with the sweetness of the pineapple juice and strawberry syrup.

The Pineapple Cobbler


  • 3 oz pineapple juice

  • 2 oz club soda

  • 1 oz lime juice

  • ¾ oz strawberry syrup

  • Garnish: mint sprig or lime wheel


  • Chill a highball glass

  • Add all ingredients except club soda to a cocktail shaker.

  • Add ice and shake vigorously for about 10 seconds

  • Add club soda and tumble 2-3 times

  • Pour into the highball glass over crushed ice

  • Add more crushed ice and garnish with a mint sprig or lime wheel


  1. There’s more to making a non-alcoholic drink than just removing alcohol from a recipe. The best cocktails are perfectly balanced between modifiers and spirits. It’s an art to create a tasty, balanced, interesting drink without alcohol.

  2. You can’t shake a drink with club soda in it.If you try it, even if you’re strong enough to hold the shaker tins together, they’ll explode all over the place when you open them. So when I say ’tumble’, here’s what I mean: Add club soda after you’ve shaken the other ingredients with ice. Then pour the drink gently from one shaker tin to the other a few times. This incorporates the club soda into the drink and keeps things from getting messy.

  3. Strawberry syrup - you can make your own by infusing muddled ripe strawberries into simple syrup. If you’re lazy like me you can buy a perfectly adequate strawberry puree from Amazon. Click for Link Here


About Matt Mathai

My Santa Fe street cred: almost zero, but I do love it here. My wife and I retired to Santa Fein 2019 after buying our house here in 2012. We lived in Annapolis, MD for many years and had long careers. Mine was in technology - airline communications, healthcare, and online training delivery.


I love to eat good food, although I can do without some of the fussiness of fine dining. Good food to me reflects its cuisine/place of origin, is filling, and doesn’t have to be expensive.